Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dan River Cleanup :: Hart's Access to Highway 89

Preparing to launch the cleanup from Hart's Access
at the Hwy 704 bridge
At 10:00am on April 14, 2012, a total of 5 young men met at the intersection of Highway 89 and Old Lynchburg Rd. just north of Danbury, NC. Four canoes and one kayak were loaded onto Dave Kuley's trailer and we headed upstream for the first river cleanup in Stokes County of the year. We logged over 7 miles in just under 7 hours with a total take of 1,100 pounds of tires (18), roof metal, hypalon, old equipment of various types, and plenty of containers of every description.
Canoes as trash barges.
Many thanks to Nathan Krizmanich, Jimmy Newsome, Lucas Conkle & Dave Kuley. Special thanks to Oakley Mabe for permitting use of his property near the Highway 89 bridge for accessing the river and unloading our over burdened canoes. Further thanks to Kitty Brown for providing trash transport from the river to the Stokes County Solid Waste Transfer Station in Quaker Gap and to Jesse Moore for outstanding supervisory services.
One final thanks to the County for accepting our collected refuse without charge!
At the end of a long Big Sweeping day.This photo does not do justice to the pile of junk behind us.
If you know an organization that would like to help clean up our river and county please contact Sara Jo Durham or Dale Swanson for more information and to schedule a cleanup.

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