Monday, February 27, 2012

Improvements at the Snow Creek Access

Eric Juday (TRR) and Dale Swanson (DRBA)
happy to be unloading boulders from
Piedmont Stone, Inc.!
After many months of planning and false starts there are now two barriers made of large boulders at the Snow Creek Access on the Dan River. Several years ago the Davis Chapel Historical Association partnered with the Dan River Basin Association to establish a public access on property they own between Dodgetown Road and Snow Creek. Protecting the property from vandalism and littering has been a challenge and all are hopeful that the boulders will stop people from driving motorized vehicles onto the property - as well as into the river at the historical ford.

Ray Rhodes deftly rolls a boulder
into position as Chad Lang guides.
Primary funding for this project was provided by an American Canoe Association "Club Fostered Stewardship Grant" sponsored by L.L. Bean.

We are extremely thankful to Piedmont Stone, Inc. for the donation of several hours of equipment and operator time in addition to providing the boulders for the project at a great price. Without the expert guidance of Ray Rhodes on the forklift we surely would have taken twice as long. Special thanks to Joey James who was instrumental in making this happen.

Of course, putting shovels (and picks and rakes) in the ground requires hands-on labor as well and this project could not have been completed without the assistance of many river-loving volunteers. They are listed below.

After-boulder float on the Dan River!
Following the dirty work many of the volunteers as well as a few late arriving cheerleaders enjoyed a beautiful float from Moratock Park in Danbury back down to the new and improved Davis Chapel/Snow Creek river access. A perfect conclusion to a productive day protecting public access to the river in Stokes County!

Volunteers in attendance:
W.T. Heath
Benjamin Heath
Sara Jo Durham
Duane Brown
Trish Owens
Chad Lang
Rhonda Dane
James VanLew
Monty Hamby
Ann Somers
Dale Swanson
and especially - Eric Juday

Hoping to see more access improvements throughout Stokes with this one now behind us!

Contributing local organizations not mentioned above:
Davis Chapel Historic Association
Triad River Runners
Smith River Valley Canoe Club
Tarheel Paddlers Association
Dan River Basin Association

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