Thursday, November 12, 2009

Playwave Strainer Update and Post Storm Caution

Good news for any fall and winter paddlers - heavy rain 2 weeks ago floated and the pushed the strainer out of the way. Of course, the recent deluge from what's left of tropical storm, Ida, has certainly caused a number of new "adjustments" to the rivers and creeks. Any time you venture out on any waterway after a storm - especially one with sustained rain and wind - be on the look-out for new dangers such as:
  • fallen trees
  • drowned animals such as deer and livestock
  • large debris such as tires, building material, appliances and anything that could wash down from a swollen tributary creek
Rivers are wild and untamed places - even where it passes along well traveled roads, through neighborhoods, and in towns and cities. But isn't that why we love them so? Give rivers the respect they are due.

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