Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Winston-Salem Journal recognizes DRBA's new office & aspirations in Stokes County

Very exciting news arrived this morning with a Winston-Salem Journal article about DRBA's efforts and aspirations for working in Stokes County. We really appreciate the attention that Journal columnist, Lisa O'Donnell, gives to outdoor recreation and the environment and are thrilled that she chose to give us a little spotlight.

And without intending to be critical we'd like to correct one small error; the article states that there are currently only 2 public accesses along the river in Stokes County. In fact there are four; Hart's Access at the Hwy 704 bridge, Hanging Rock State Park, Moratock Park in Danbury, and Davis Chapel on Snow Creek near the Dodgetown Rd. bridge over the river.

We are, of course, very excited about the prospect of bringing Hemlock Golf Course back into the county's system of accesses with assistance from NC Wildlife Resources.

Thanks again to Lisa O'Donnell and the Journal!

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